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TISCA Communications & Calendar Changes

Posted by Reed Gerhart at May 7, 2021 1:01PM PDT

TISCA Technology & Communications is going to be making a couple changes going into next year in the form of communications platforms and meet/tournament calendars.

At this time the new communications platform, SportsYou, is being pioneered by the TISCA Board at this time. At this time, it is planned for more information to be given to Region Representatives in July and opened to the full membership at the clinic in September. Please make sure your Region Representative has a current email for you and all other coaches on your staff. If there are any coaches who are not TISCA members, please encourage them to get their contact information to the Region Representative as well so they can also get the necessary information for your region.

In order to make it easier to compile and find meets and tournaments and their associated information, we will be getting rid of the online calendar. Included below is a link to the NEW meet/tournament submission form as well as a link to a Google Sheet that will contain this information. This Google Sheet will have all meet information, contact information, and links to meet information pages and entry files (if submitted). The website calendars and SportsYou calendars will be used for TISCA events and major events such as TISCA sanctioned meets, District deadline, Region weekends, and State Championships. The spreadsheet will automatically sort events in chronological order.



In case of technical error on submission form:
If you get a screen that reads “You can’t respond to Meet/Tournament Calendar Submission. Uploading files is not permitted when data loss prevention is enabled for your domain.”, please try reaching out to your IT department and/or try completing the form using a different, personal account.


Attached are the results of a mythical 4A & Under State Championship might look like had it taken place this year. Bob Button, who is the coach at Bay City puts this together each year to help promote the goal of having a 3rd division in Swimming & Diving.

TISCA would like to thank Bob Button for his work in putting this together. Coach Button was also one of the coaches that worked tirelessly on the effort to have a 2nd division for Swimming & Diving in 2000. This is a wonderful tribute to Clark Wilson who coached many years in Longview.

These results were taken from the District, Region and State meets held this season. This is an effort to showcase the 102 4A & Under schools that are currently participating with the 5A schools. Our hope is to eventually have a separate division for these deserving schools.

For more information on Clark Wilson click here:

The document 2021_clark_wilson_invite_event_results.pdf was attached to this post.

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TISCA All State Lists are FINAL

Posted by Jason Pullano at Apr 7, 2021 8:06AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The TISCA 5A, 6A, and TAPPS All State Lists have been finalized! You can find the lists at this link:

Additionally, the 5A & 6A state records have been updated. You can find them at this link:

T.I.S.C.A. Members,

Now that we have completed the “extended version” of the 2021 State Swimming & Diving Championship, I wanted to thank everyone for helping their athletes learn to be flexible when dealing with situations completely out of our control. Coaches you have done a remarkable job leading your teams through this entire ordeal all the way to the very end.
Congratulations to each of our Team State Swimming & Diving Champions and Coaches of the Meet:
6A Girls – Conroe The Woodlands (Jeremy Wade)
6A Boys – Conroe The Woodlands (Jeremy Wade)
5A Girls – Lubbock High (Trey Hayes)
5A Boys – Frisco Wakeland (Melissa Howard)
6A Girls – Southlake Carroll (Carolyn Hryorchuk)
6A Boys – Southlake Carroll (Carolyn Hryorchuk)
5A Girls – Colleyville Heritage (Stacy Marincasiu)
5A Boys – Mansfield Summit (Andie Serie)

Also, congratulations to our Athletes of the Meet:
6A Girls – Corbyn Cormack (Southlake Carroll)
6A Boys – Tyler Hulet (Conroe The Woodlands)
5A Girls – Kaitlyn Owens (A&M Consolidated)
5A Boys – Conor Foote (Alamo Heights)
6A Girls – Hailey Hernandez (Southlake Carroll)
6A Boys – Manuel Borowski (Southlake Carroll)
5A Girls – Abby Devereaux (Colleyville Heritage)
5A Boys – Benedict Nguyen (Mansfield Summit)

Additionally, I have included the links for available TISCA Awards.
Please be mindful of the “deadlines” for each of these.
All of these are available on our TISCA Website by clicking on the “FORMS” tab. Below are the awards that are available and the (deadline)

State Coach of The Year (March 15)

State Asst. Coach of The Year (March 15)

Theron Pickle Lifetime Achievement Award (April 1)

Patches (All- District, Region, State) (April 1)

Theron Pickle Scholarship (May 1)

Academic All-State (May 15)

Again, please pay attention to all of the applicable deadlines.

Please help us, and your athletes, by submitting the District and Region results to our webmaster using the following link.
Due to COVID the UIL District, Region and State meets will be the ONLY meets used to determine this year’s ALL-STATE TEAM.

Of course we want to again extend our thanks to both the UIL as well as NEISD for working together to provide another successful championship meet.
Again, congratulations to each of you on a successful season for each of your respective programs.

Mike Waldmann
Andrews Swim Coach
T.I.S.C.A. President

NEISD hosts momentous UIL State Championship

Posted by Reed Gerhart at Mar 3, 2021 8:20AM PST ( 0 Comments )

SAN ANTONIO - In the midst of a season which many coaches thought would come to a sudden halt riddled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff of North East ISD’s Josh Davis Natatorium & Bill Walker Pool came together with the UIL to host a spectacular State Championship for our athletes and their coaches.

Back in November the UIL staff was notified that the University of Texas would not be opening their facilities to the public. This became a major issue regarding their August decision to split the state meet into two meets on two separate weekends to limit the number of participants in the pool area at one time. Led by David Johnson, a Theron Pickle Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, NEISD put together a plan to host the statewide championship with only a few months and one in-person meeting to prepare.

Once informed of the issue, UIL started reaching out to facilities around the state. Johnson then reached out and to UIL and told them he would help in any capacity to find a location. UIL Assistant Athletic Director for Swimming & Diving, Brandy Belk, then reached out to Johnson asking if he would be willing to let the state use his pool. He started putting ideas together and sending plans to Belk to show how his staff would set up the meet. “It all started with numbers,” said Johnson. With the COVID limitations, “everyone wanted to know the numbers – how many could we hold, how many spectators could we have.”

After just over a month of planning via phone, Belk and the UIL staff went to San Antonio to visit the pool and the setup. After this initial visit and confirmation by both UIL and NEISD, it was officially announced to the coaches and athletes that the 2021 state championships would be moved to San Antonio and North East ISD’s Josh Davis Natatorium & Bill Walker Pool. Once location was confirmed and the contract was signed, Belk and Johnson started even more of the text and email “back and forth” to establish the meet plan. Johnson says he focussed on continuity from what coaches were used to. “From packet pickup to competition, we wanted the meet to be as similar as possible to what [the coaches] were used to from past years.”

By the time the region meets had been completed and the state championships were only a week away, Johnson and his staff were ready. They had already hosted nine UIL district and region meets, the TAPPS Division 1-3 championships, and one TYR Pro Series meet. Everything was in place for a successful girls championship until nature interfered and UIL had to reschedule. At this point the 6A Girls would swim their meet just under 36 hours after the 5A Boys completed their championship.

Obviously with a new location and various limitations due to the pandemic, changes had to be made. One of Johnson’s big changes was the assigning of warm-up lanes for the state meet. “We couldn’t have everyone jump in the competition pool. We had to spread everyone into the 36 available lanes.” Coaches seemed to take this very well. Coaches enjoyed having the extra lanes during the meet as well since it allowed for more warm-up space before and after races.

Another major change was that diving had its own venue. As one coach put it, “the spectators didn’t need a telescope to see what was going on. They got a great view for the cost of a single ticket.” Some of the officials and coaches also commented on the fact that having a separate diving area allows for a quieter space providing the divers with a better focus.

Both Boys and Girls meets were great successes due to the commitment of Johnson and his meet staff made up almost entirely of coaches from NEISD Aquatics and the Alamo Area Aquatic Club. The staff worked tirelessly to accommodate the athletes, coaches, and parents while still working to institute COVID-19 protocols.

The TISCA Board of Directors wants to recognize Dave Johnson and staff on their efforts to host the meet and commend them on an outstanding meet experience. Thanks to them, our athletes and coaches were able to successfully finish out a tough season with a state championship.