Reminder NFHS/TISDO Officials Exam Deadline Dec. 15th

Posted by Texas Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association on Dec 08 2022 at 07:07AM PST


A reminder that the NFHS/TISDO Officials exam closes on December 15th.

1) The testing site is now up and operational. The registration AND the Exam should both be available. Unfortunately, we have been unable to get the November 30th testing deadline. The NFHS sets the deadlines and we have been informed it should have been October 15th. However, they have agreed to extend it until October 31st. We are sorry for the inconvenience this earlier date causes.

2) If you took the combined Swimming & Diving instead of the individual test, you WILL be certified as a swimming & diving official. You do not need to take another test. It was a mistake for that test to be posted and was not your fault. Therefore, you should not be penalized.

3) There are two fees, $25 to the NFHS and $25 to TISDO. In the past you paid $50 & it still is $50, it is just separated out differently. You do not need to pay the OPTIONAL $10 fee, it is just what it says, it is optional.

Official’s Registration and Testing for the 2022 – 2023 High School Season is open. The Federation (NFHS), in concert with DragonflyMAX will manage Registration, Testing, etc.

Registration Link: Case Sensitive
Testing Link: Case Sensitive

Registration Instructions from DragonFly
1. Login to DragonFly
2. Click your name on the lower left-hand side
3. Select My Info
4. Once here, click on Connect to School or Association in upper right-
hand corner
5. Select your role of Official
6. Click Add Contest Official (blue button bottom right)
7. Select Texas
8. Select NFHS | NFOA Tier 2 Organizations
9. Click Join (bottom right)
10. Select Swimming & Diving
11. Click Add Sport(s) (bottom right)
12. Select TISDO
13. Review and Save