TISCA Communications & Calendar Changes

Posted by Reed Gerhart on May 07 2021 at 01:01PM PDT in 2020-2021

TISCA Technology & Communications is going to be making a couple changes going into next year in the form of communications platforms and meet/tournament calendars.

At this time the new communications platform, SportsYou, is being pioneered by the TISCA Board at this time. At this time, it is planned for more information to be given to Region Representatives in July and opened to the full membership at the clinic in September. Please make sure your Region Representative has a current email for you and all other coaches on your staff. If there are any coaches who are not TISCA members, please encourage them to get their contact information to the Region Representative as well so they can also get the necessary information for your region.

In order to make it easier to compile and find meets and tournaments and their associated information, we will be getting rid of the online calendar. Included below is a link to the NEW meet/tournament submission form as well as a link to a Google Sheet that will contain this information. This Google Sheet will have all meet information, contact information, and links to meet information pages and entry files (if submitted). The website calendars and SportsYou calendars will be used for TISCA events and major events such as TISCA sanctioned meets, District deadline, Region weekends, and State Championships. The spreadsheet will automatically sort events in chronological order.



In case of technical error on submission form:
If you get a screen that reads “You can’t respond to Meet/Tournament Calendar Submission. Uploading files is not permitted when data loss prevention is enabled for your domain.”, please try reaching out to your IT department and/or try completing the form using a different, personal account.